Welcome to Gurmánsky Grob

family restaurant offering goose specialties. Nice staff with professional and friendly attitude will take care of you serving you the best goose specialities. These are prepared by the owner and his team. You can look forward to an excellent gourmand experience.

Our facilities include not only the main part of the restaurant with the capacity of 70 people but also separated and stylish chalet with the capacity of 40 people. These are suitable for family celebrations, business meetings, teambuildings, celebrations, lunch and dinner. Come and indulge yourself with incredible gourmand experience.

17% discount on takeaway.

Boris a Klaudia Haško

Menu card

Goose specialities

65 € 1 kus

Grob´s roast goose (for 4-5 persons)

55 € 1 kus

Roasted duck

13,50 € 200 g

Goose liver with apples

0,80 € 35 g

Greased loksa

2,50 € 60 g

Loksa with goose liver stuffing

3,90 € 0,33 l

Homemade goose soup with vegetables and meat

1,50 € 150 g

Sour plate from Grandma´s cellar

1,50 € 150 g

Red stewed cabbage

2,00 € 120 g

Bread with goose grease and onions

4 € 500 g

Basket full, full of bread

15 € 300 g

Goose liver in grease – a present for boss at work

25 € 500 g

Goose liver in grease – a present for wife at home


2 € 60 g

Sweet Loksa with jam andpoppy seeds or nuts

2,50 € 100 g

Homemade strudel – each day different!

3,90 € 150 g

Warm ice cream cuddle

GURMÁNSKY GROB – Best quality guaranteed

Boris Haško

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